Minimal Wallet.

We make minimal wallet’s for people who care about quality and the materials that they’re made of. We make wallets that encourage you to carry less, and only carry the essentials. We believe that everything one carries on a day-to-day basis should play a role and serve a function. We believe less is more, awesome.


Our minimal wallets can be worn in the front or back pocket. We specifically chose cork as our main material because it’s durable, water resistant, and thin. We also use solid brass rivets to fasten the edge of the wallets securely. This combination creates an aesthetic balance and uniformity.


We laser cut the cork, and hand assemble with rivets. We minimize the production process as much as possible so that we can maintain a high level of quality, while keeping our pricing affordable. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our wallets.

Enough space for the essentials. 

Minimal wallet by subrr.

Minimal Wallet Function.

Our minimal wallet’s are designed to hold a maximum of 8 cards. We make everything in small batches using laser cutters, hands, & passion. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!

What’s been said…

“The simplicity of both the product and the campaign is like a breath of fresh air.”


“Minimalist cork and brass wallet makes a stylish statement with renewable materials.”


“Remove all sense of wanting and rely strictly on design, quality and aesthetics.”


“I don’t mind replacing my tired old wallet with this beautifully cork crafted one. “

-Yanko Design

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